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My Story

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

For the past two decades, Dr. Kingsley has focused on designing and delivering clinical services (cognitive remediation, group & individual therapy, family therapy, assessment) to adults with psychiatric (Mood Disorders) as well as acquired neurological conditions (TBI, CVA, MS, Parkinson’s Epilepsy, MCI) She has published on the topics of neurological disease, neuropsychological assessment, intervention, training and supervision. She has authored multiple treatment manuals; her protocols outline strategies to improve couples & family functioning after illness, cognitive (memory, executive functioning, attention, visual-spatial) skills and emotional (interpersonal) wellness. 

“My philosophy in all of my work focuses on nourishing and enhancing development. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with an extensive training background in mental health, chronic medical issues, and family conflict. With more than twenty years of experience, I have particular expertise in consultation, assessment, and treatment using a client-collaborative approach. I help my clients understand the strengths they possess and challenges they face, which in turn validates their experiences. I then encourage them to develop strategies to reduce the impact of the situation, as well as set goals toward personal growth & fulfillment.

Hippocrates, father of Medicine, believed that we all carry a doctor within ourselves. My mission is to try and help you on this road of self-discovery and healing. Allow me to share with you my knowledge of how to tap into your unique, natural healing forces on the road of getting well.”

Dr. Kingsley has supervised tens of psychology interns and has taught them how to provide evidenced based and integrative treatment to patients and their families. She serves as a site visitor to internship and postdoctoral training programs across the nation for the American Psychological Association; a member of the board of trustees for the American Board of Professional Psychology and a task force leader for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Psychology. Dr. Kingsley has presented to audiences nationally and internationally on how to provide holistic neuro-rehabilitation services, using culturally competent models and practices. Her research interests involve evidenced based group, individual and systems interventions.

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